Dillon Construction Company, Inc.  
Walt D. Dillon, President
Office: (919) 365-3020 Cell: (919) 795-8206
  We Take Pride In Your Home
Walt Dillon formed Dillon Construction Company Incorporated in 1984. During the summers of high school and college, he worked framing homes in South Carolina.This sparked an interest in home construction. Walt graduated from North Carolina State University in 1978. He worked with Wake County Soil Conservation Service for five years. After building his personal home, Walt came to realize that he missed home construction and formed Dillon Construction.

Dillon Construction has always been a one-person company. Walt personally checks eachHeritage Wake Forest - Dillon Construction home site daily. Quality craftsmanship is top priority. All subcontractors are carefully screened for quality craftsmanship and strong business values. Most have been with the company for many years. As a home buyer, you can contact Walt at any time with any questions. Dillon Construction strives for true customer satisfaction.

All homes are built to strict energy efficiency standards. At this time, a duct blaster test is performed on all heating and AC duct work to insure against leakage. Upon rating, each home is presented an energy efficiency certificate with the approximate yearly energy cost and HERS rating. Listed below are energy efficiency green features included in each home.
  • Sealed crawl space: no mold or mildew, increased energy rating
  • Low-E Argon gas filled windows
  • Energy Star appliances, fans and CFL lighting
  • 90% gas furnaces and high efficiency AC units, programmable thermostats
  • All sheetrock sil foamed to wall studs and ceiling joist, reduces air flow behind wall
  • All top and bottom plates are caulked for a tighter seal
  • All exterior siding is concrete material with 50 year warranty

Building a home to meet energy efficiency specifications just makes sense. It insures lower ownership cost, better performance, and is a smarter investment. Finally yet importantly, Green Homes are environmentally friendly. All Dillon Construction homes are built to meet strict energy efficiency standards.